Best of Photography 2017: Finalist 

Finalist: People-Culture - Wudelen
One Eyeland Awards 2016: Finalist: People-Culture - Wudelen

PX3 Paris 2015: Gold Award;: Cat:Nature/Landscape_N-Professional

Honorable Mention: Editorial-Photo
Tokyo Photo Award; The Egetmann P.: Honorable Mention: Editorial-Photo

 People: Portrait Category
ND-Awards2016- Honorable Mention : People: Portrait Category

Bronze Award, Open Nature/Landscape
Epson int. Pano Award 2016: Bronze Award, Open Nature/Landscape

nature: landscape
IPA 2016 Honorable Mention: nature: landscape

Nominee: The Egetmannparade
Fine Art Photography Awards 2016: Nominee: The Egetmannparade

Travel/Culture: The Egetmann
ND-Awards2015 2nd Place: Travel/Culture: The Egetmann

Deeper Perspective: The Egetmann
Ipa 2015 Honorable Mention: Deeper Perspective: The Egetmann

IPA 2015
Honorable Mention, One Shot: Home: IPA 2015

Performance Award: The Egetmann
The Humanity Photo Award 2015: Performance Award: The Egetmann

IPA 2014
honorable mention: IPA 2014

Honorable Mention Photogjornalismen
ND Awards 2014: Honorable Mention Photogjornalismen

Honorable Mention People Children
ND Awards 2014: Honorable Mention People Children

Best of Photography 2014: Finalist

IPA 2013
honorable mention: IPA 2013

Honorable Mention
Best of Photography 2013: Honorable Mention


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